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Meet the Finalists

Meet our finalists (as voted by you) in the following Medals for the Rest of Us events: World-Class Mucking, Heavyweight Stretching and Freestyle Trailer Parking!

World-Class Mucking


6am wintertime - It's dark, it's cold, de-ice buckets, pull off stable blankets, put on turnout blankets, muck the stalls, hang hay bags, etc. Comfort is my goal & to get it done in 30 min so I can get ready for the office job that supports my 2-horse-a-day habit. Loving it every day!


There has to be a pony in here somewhere!


I snuck this picture of my dad in Wenatchee WA. while we were at the 2010 WAHSET state finals! Our barn's shower stall backed up and turned into muddy, poopie, mess! Thankfully super dad sprang into action and came to the rescue! I sure am lucky to have an olympic caliber show dad by my side!

Heavyweight Stretching


This is my 35 year-old horse kicking his heels up after a bath! He is my childhood horse & has been in my life for 19 years now! He is really enjoying his retirement & is in great shape as you can see from this picture! He loves running around & playing like a foal after he gets a bath!


Happy to see some sun! After being stuck inside for a few days because of heavy rain, Pilgrim, Rory & Arkady could barely wait for me to close the gate before a good stretch and roll


Day-old miniature colt Clyde getting an early start on learning to stretch.

Freestyle Trailer Parking


My steep hill has zero flat space so I dug out a small parking area at the bottom of the hill for my 3 horse gooseneck. I back half blind down the gravel road, around my property corner, up my driveway partway backwards and then swing into it's little area carved out at the bottom. Challenging!


I've only wiped out the barn one time in 20+ years.


An 1800 mile trip with five horses and thirty bird dogs, headed to our summer training grounds.

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